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PCD cutting tools


5 times more productive
Whether drilling into precast holes or solid, KYOCERA UNIMERCO's family of PCD reamers can achieve more than 5 times the feed rate of traditional padded, adjustable PCD reamers. 

Lower total cost
Choosing a PCD tool solution is often the best way to reduce the cost per part. PCD tools offer a number of advantages: 

  • longer tool life
  • higher workpiece quality
  • better process reliability
  • reduced rejection

The result is lower machining costs and thus the lowest unit price.


See brochure about PCD tool solutions

YouTube   See video on machining spark plug holes with one-shot CFS solution

Examples of our wide range of customized PCD tools:


PCD reamers

UM DANDIA PCD HELI-REAM™ - a newly developed reamer design with a unique helical guidepad system, designed for high precision reaming applications.

Read more about PCD reamers in the PCD brochure


PCD drills

UM DANDIA PCD HELI-DRILL™ - the unique UM DANDIA™ sandwich drill point combined with helical guide pads and flute, designed as a "one-shot" solution.

Read more about PCD drills in the PCD brochure


PCD combination tools

For example the UM DANDIA™ STEP REAMER/MILL with a specially designed PCD insert and flute geometry combining several operations in one tool.

Read more about PCD combination tools in the PCD brochure


PCD milling tools

UM DANDIA PCD MULTI-MILL™ - a specially designed milling cutter with coolant outlets for each PCD insert allowing for both face and side milling at very high cutting parameters.

Read more about PCD milling tools in the PCD brochure


The majority of the tools are available with:


MQL (Minimal Quantity Lubrication)

KYOCERA UNIMERCO is the world's leader in MQL tooling for automotive valve bodies. We have gathered the most comprehensive MQL machining knowledge to build our customized tooling solutions for customers world-wide. 




Advanced Chip Flow System - vacuums the chips away...

Patented technology solves the problem of chips stuck inside the workpiece. The majority of PCD tools can have the CFS functionally added. Utilizing the Chip Flow System considerably improves the ejaculation of chips and typically extends tool life by more than 30 times.




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